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  • Arrangements

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Helpful Downloads 

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What to do when a loved one passes away...

Coping with the loss of a loved one is never easy. Whether expected or sudden, the emotional toll can be overwhelming. In such moments, knowing what to do next can feel daunting. The first step is to reach out to us. Our compassionate team is here to provide guidance and support, helping you navigate the initial steps of arranging a fitting tribute for your loved one's life. 

What happens first? 

After the initial call, we arrange for the transfer of your loved one to our funeral home, coordinating with the necessary authorities. Whether it's from a palliative care facility, family home, hospital or due to an accident, we handle all formalities, working closely with you and your family to ease the burden during this difficult time.

Where Should the Celebration be Held?

Discover the ideal setting for honoring your loved one's memory at Taverna Funerals. From our thoughtfully designed chapel to your own cherished church, community hall, beloved football club, serene graveside, or picturesque outdoor location – the choice is yours to make their celebration truly meaningful.

Who Can I Get to Lead the Service?

At Taverna Funerals, you have options. Our dedicated celebrant will honor your family's wishes, crafting religious or non-religious gatherings with care. Alternatively, a minister or priest can conduct a religious service. Whichever you choose, both will meet with your family to arrange and fulfill your needs.

What songs should we use for the service? 

Selecting the perfect songs for the service is a deeply personal decision. Should you desire hymns, we can arrange an organist or vocalist. Furthermore, if you opt for a Visual Display presentation, choosing a song with personal significance can add a heartfelt touch to the tribute.

Can I use poems or verses? 

Enrich the celebration with heartfelt poems or verses that hold significance for you and your loved one. Having poems or verses can add depth and meaning to the tribute. You are always welcomed and encouraged to share any verses or poems close to your hearts to make the service truly unique.

Order of Service Sheets:

Your service sheet will feature the order of events, with a photo of your loved one on the front and additional pictures from their life on the back. We collaborate closely with you to design and print these sheets, creating a meaningful keepsake for you and your guests.


Sharing memories and connecting with loved ones is essential during the time of grief. Consider involving your loved one's club or congregation for a meaningful catering experience. Morning services often call for luncheons, while afternoon services may suit cakes and slices. Whatever your family desires, we can help arrange it with care.


Tips for writing a Eulogy:

  1. Collect memories from family members and compile them.
  2. Type it out in 14pt font for easy readability.
  3. Vary sentence lengths for flow.
  4. Number the pages for organization.
  5. Practice aloud and time yourself.
  6. Share with friends and family for feedback.
  7. Edit as needed.
  8. Avoid duplicating content if others are also speaking.

We are here for you. 
'Our family caring for your family' 
Phone us on (03) 5033 1066

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